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Equality North East


This section of the website is used to catalogue definitions of terms used throughout this website. To select a word, choose the initial letter of the word below.

Glossary Terms beginning with the letter P :

  • Pansexual
    Pansexual means that you are capable of being attracted to any and all genders. What makes it different to bisexuality is the acceptance that people exist outside the gender binary.
  • Part time working
    Part time workers with an employment contract or other employment relationship defined by law, collective agreement or practice, or, workers whose normal hours of work (as measured by the weekly or annual average) are less than the normal hours of comparable full-time workers.
  • Paternity Leave
    Leave for father of new born baby.
  • Physical feature
    'Physical feature' includes anything on the premises arising from a building's design or construction or from an approach to, exit from or access to such a building; fixtures, fittings, furnishings, equipment or materials; and any other physical element or quality of land in the premises. All of these are covered whether temporary or permanent.
  • Physical impairment
    This includes, for instance, a weakening of part of the body (eyes, ears, limbs, internal organs etc) caused through illness, by accident or congenitally. Examples would be blindness, deafness, paralysis of a leg and heart disease.
  • Positive Action
    Taking steps to overcome past disadvantage or under representation. This might involve advertising to encourage candidates from a particular group to compete for jobs; or training to help develop the potential of under-represented groups
  • Positive Discrimination
    Positive discrimination is illegal. Employing someone because they come from a disadvantaged group, regardless of whether the person has the relevant skills and qualifications.
  • Prejudice
    Means to pre-judge someone, knowing next to nothing about them but jumping to conclusions because of some characteristics, like their appearance.