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Equality North East


This section of the website is used to catalogue definitions of terms used throughout this website. To select a word, choose the initial letter of the word below.

Glossary Terms beginning with the letter N :

  • Neutrois
    Neutrois is a non-binary gender identity which is considered to be a neutral or null gender. It may also be used to mean genderless, and has considerable overlap with agender - some people who consider themselves neutrally gendered or genderless may identify as both, while others prefer one term or the other.
  • Normal day-to-day activities
    Normal day-to-day activities are those that are carried out by most people on a regular and frequent basis. It does not cover specialist activities classed as normal for a particular group, i.e. musicians, unless their normal activities are also affected. Impairment affects normal day-to-day activities if it affects one of the following. Mobility, Manual Dexterity, Physical Coordination, Continence, Ability to lift, carry or move everyday objects, Speech, Hearing or Eyesight, Memory or ability to concentrate, learn and understand, Perception of physical danger or risk.