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Equality North East

Equality Standard : Case Studies

Positive Life Choices’ (PLC)

Positive Life Choices’ (PLC) offers a variety of care and support services, which can be delivered for just a few hours per day (as little as half an hour) or up to 24 hours over 7 days a week.

Their care and support services are person centered with the user at the heart of the service. They are led by quality, not profit and believe in investing in their people which in turn leads to a stable, contented and motivated workforce which provides consistency and continuity to the people they support.
The reason PLC decided to embark on The Equality Standard ‘Gold’ journey was to receive the recognition for their belief and promotion of equality not just in the workplace but with their clients too.

The support and advice received from their advisor was good with frequent contact throughout the process with queries dealt with promptly and explained simply.

This support proved important when tackling the challenges PLC met when working through the standard. They particularly found it hard to spend time changing and implementing systems due to insufficient resources, a little frustrating, they felt that they really wanted to carry out a lot of big changes and implement new and improved systems. However, after talking with their advisor they realised that taking time to change things slowly was more achievable. Through the construction of an action plan this became focused and manageable.

PLC found the whole process was informative with positive and constructive feedback helping them to achieve The Equality Standard ‘Gold.’

The benefits PLC envisage from achieving the Standard, are that it will result in more informative data giving a clearer picture of performance in areas such as staff sickness and improvement of policies and procedures. Furthermore, it will support the PQQ process when tendering with public sector organisations and improve retention of and attract a diverse workforce who will proactively work with customers and the community.

Amanda, Director of Positive Life Choices’, The Equality Standard ‘Gold’ has “helped me identify where we needed to improve in many practices and the action plan helped me to focus on what was required.”

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July 31, 2013

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