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Equality North East


Again the standard was extremely high.
Thank you to all those who entered and congratulations to the finalists and winners: -

  • Award for Employers of Between 51 and 250 Staff

North East Chamber of Commerce

The implementation of the E&D steering group has resulted in robust worklife balance available to all. The culture survey asked existing NECC staff views and has resulted in higher retention rates and changes to procedures. One new recruit commented on his induction that his perception of NECC was one of ‘men in suits’. As soon as he walked through the door for his interview, he knew how wrong he’d been!

  • Award for Employers of Up To 50 Staff


NCT monitor staff annually and therefore understand the meaning of positive action. They actively recruit from underrepresented groups and by offering one-to one monthly support sessions support staff in progression through the organisation.

  • Award for Learning Providers of Up To 50 Staff

Prima Training

2 years ago there were two members of staff and this has now grown to a workforce of 17 demonstrating enormous strides which have been made in this small timeframe. What was particularly impressive was even though they deliver in the often stereotyped and difficult area of the driving sector they have built the business using Equality and Diversity as the very cornerstone.
They recognise that that this business is a stepping stone for their clients and they ensure as far as possible that none of them face any barriers in taking that step. To ensure that they are able to deliver this goal a large proportion of Prima’s profit go back into staff development.
Prima understand that they still have lot of areas to develop, but with their massive progress to date and their strong focus on Equality and Diversity as well as client responsiveness, they are great example of what a smaller organization can achieve with the right motivation.

  • Award for Learning Providers and Colleges of Over 50 Staff

Stockton Riverside College

When students from the BME community were asked about how integrated the college was they were stunned by the very question because they said there was ‘total integration’. A member of staff said ‘no where do we pay lip service to equality’ the college is fully inclusive.
These statements are born out with extensive evidence of positive action projects and initiatives and if we look at the success that has achieved for the college, its staff and the students, it is immense. The outreach work and carried out by the college has led to them recruiting a higher percentage of 16-19 BME learners than in the local population. The LGBT support group is helping to build the confidence of its members and together with the Code of Practice on Sexual Orientation has led to the College being consulted on a regional level on LGBT issues. Similarly the inclusive nature of their work with people with disabilities supports the whole region and not just the college at Stockton. They have Codes of Practice on the seven strands of equality because they feel that gives staff and students a practical tool to achieve equality and many of their practices are being replicated nationally. The policies and practices have also led to good staff retention and a growing organisation.

  • Outstanding Contribution by a Larger Organisation

North East Marriot Hotels

North East Marriott had found an untapped recruitment pool, ex-offenders, who are forgotten about. With the right training, support and belief but the Marriott, ex-offenders can again become part of society, etc…..
A fantastic example of an organisations going way beyond their remit to remove the barriers for underrepresented groups.

  • The Trade Unions Equality for All Award

Marie Pearson PCS

Marie works tirelessly to support and co-ordinate ULR activity. She champions underrepresented groups, the anti-racism campaign and is instrumental in promoting PCS equality networks. She has focused on under-served groups and workers who are often excluded because of their sexuality and through her efforts have increased their profile within the workplace and her Trade Union; the PCS.

  • Individuals Who Have Made a Difference

Ken Mortimer-HMRC

Ken is a positive role model and source of inspiration to all. His commitment to equality has proved to be unequivocal. Such as the development and introduction of a ‘ground-breaking’ leaflet for HMRC’s LGBT customers.

  • Smarter Working Practices

Gateshead Council

Worklife Balance is at the heart of Gateshead Council. They have implemented numerous policies and procedures which go beyond the statutory requirements and intrinsic technology supports these.

  • The ‘Work~Life Balance’ Achievement Award

Key Enterprises

A very clear commitment to the way in which worklife balance brings tangible and valued benefits to the business, its workforce and most importantly, its customers.

  • Overall Best Practice

Muckle LLP

Muckle LLP offers a powerful example of how a whole organisation approach to equality brings real rewards in the shape of new business opportunities. Muckle’s commitment to working with others to strengthen workplace equality across the North East has given it a competitive advantage enabling it to land several public sector contracts across the country.
Additionally, workforce monitoring is all too often seen as a bureaucratic chore. Muckle LLP’s example, however, clearly demonstrates how monitoring can drive continuous improvement. This was evident in its approach to raising the aspirations of disabled people and the way monitoring data is shaping gender pay strategies.