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Equality North East


Voluntary Organisations - RENEW NORTH EAST

Renew North East is a registered charity that seeks to improve the employability prospects of disadvantaged individuals. They recruit people who face barriers when facing the labour market and the training is centred around the refurbishment of white goods which would otherwise have been destined for landfill sites. Their aim is to give everybody a chance and make them part of the team.

Training Provider - S&D TRAINING

S & D Training was established in 1985 by the Shildon Town Council to develop a community service providing the delivery of occupational training and on-the-job work experience. They specialise in learners with behavioural problems, including drug users and learning difficulties. They believe in having sound staff support structures in place and Equality and Diversity Policies and Procedures are at the heart of this.

Employers of less than 10 staff - LATIF SOLICITORS

Latif Solicitors is a small law firm specialising in providing immigration advice. They have a proven record in equality issues and many years experience in providing immigration advice to asylum seekers. The firm operates a very positive equality policy in terms of recruitment, not only in its written procedures but also more importantly in practice.

Employers of between 10 and 50 staff - TRINITY DEVELOPMENT

Trinity Development provides diversity, equality and human resources training, up to the minute advice about employment law and practical help in assisting organisations to overcome barriers in the workplace. They are committed to providing a working environment of openness, honesty and equal treatment for all.

Employers of between 50 and 250 staff - TRAIDCRAFT PLC

Traidcraft is a Christian Organisation with the aim of fighting poverty through trade. There are 141 employees in their factory which is based in the TVTE, Gateshead.

They believe that all staff must have the opportunity to develop their personal potential and have in place a great deal of measures to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

Individuals who have made a difference - LIAQUAT LATIF

Latif Solicitors is a small law firm specialising in providing immigration advice. The main solicitor and person for promoting equality and diversity in the firm is Liaquat Latif. Liaquat has experienced the damaging effect of inequality on the development of a multicultural and multi inclusive society. He believes the policies and procedures he has implemented in the firm reflect the heartfelt personal values he has in work and personal life.

Overall Winner - TRAIDCRAFT

The judges were bowled over by the quality of this particular application, to give you some idea of the practices in place they include:

  • In depth written policies and procedures
  • A host of working practices in place which support the special needs of staff wether that be in the case of disability, religious or dietary needs or work-life balance - they are totally flexible and innovotive on how they support the diverse needs of staff.
  • Extensive training in Equality and diversity and personal development, with two weeks set aside each year to concentrate on staff development needs
  • Excellent communication channels including the ‘brown bag lunches' where staff can discuss particular issues
  • A 24hr help line for employees
  • A optional free three year health check